When were crayons invented?

Answer Crayons were invented in 1903 by the chemicals company Binney and Smith. The brand name "Crayola" was invented by Alice Stead Binney, the wife of one of the founders, Edwin Read More »

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In what year were crayola crayons invented?

Crayola crayons were introduced to the public in 1903 -- the first kid-friendly crayons made. The crayons originally came in only eight colors and cost a nickel per box. The company produces those ... Read More »

When were crayons used in schools?

Shortly after introducing dustless chalk to teachers, Binney & Smith representatives observed a need for better quality crayons for classroom use. They developed smaller paraffin wax crayons tinted... Read More »

When were cell phones invented&who were they made by?

Martin Cooper invented the cell phone in 1973, and Motorola was its maker. The phone was much bigger and heavier than today's models. Called the DynaTAC, the phone did not go one sale until 10 year... Read More »

What year were the first Crayola crayons introduced?

The Binney and Smith Co. produced its first box of eight crayons, retailing for 5 cents, in 1903. The brand name Crayola was created by combining the French "craie," or stick of color, and "ola," f... Read More »