When were colored pencils first made?

Answer The artist's colored pencils that are so commonly used today contain hardened wax mixed with a color pigment. These items were first sold in sets of 60 different colors, beginning in 1924 in German... Read More »

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When were colored pencils invented?

Colored pencils have been available since the early 19th century, although they were not for artistic use. The early pencils did not contain high pigments nor as much wax as today's products.Source... Read More »

When were the first colored stonewashed jeans developed?

In the mid 1950s, stonewashing, a method of tumbling jeans with pumice stones, was developed by the Great Western Garment Co. However, stonewashing didn't become popular until the 1980s, hitting it... Read More »

When were iPods first made?

According to, Apple released the first iPod on October 23, 2001. First-generation iPods came with hard drives of between five and ten gigabytes, the battery lasted about 10 hours an... Read More »

When were the first tapestries made?

The first tapestries were made during the Hellenistic era, which lasted between the 323rd and 31st centuries BC. The earliest surviving example of tapestry was found in the Tarim Basin; it dates fr... Read More »