When were colored contact lenses invented?

Answer Colored contact lenses originated in 1981 by a company known as Ciba Vision. Inspired by the development of soft lenses in the late 1970s, Ciba Vision developed the first visibly tinted soft lenses... Read More »

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How can I get colored contact lenses?

Virtually any eyeglass store can do it. They will first need to measure your eye retina (feels like a small gust of wind in your eye), once you have that, you can go and grab your colored lens fro... Read More »

Colored Contact lenses?

I find that Grey Color Blends looks the best. The most natural.

Where can I buy colored contact lenses?

Okay, so some stores at the mall sell them but sometimes they run out of the color you like.The best luck is online, better style choice & color choice.If you do decide to buy online, here's a real... Read More »

About Colored Contact Lenses?

If you are not so satisfied with your natural eye color and you have still not tried colored contact lenses, you can put any fears to rest. Contacts have been widely and successfully sold and worn ... Read More »