When were claims added to us patents?

Answer Claims have have been a necessary, legally required part of U.S. patent applications since 1836, when Congress passed the Patent Act. This stands in marked contrast to Europe, where in many countri... Read More »

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Claims & Patents?

A claim is a sentence in a patent application that uses precise and exact language to define the structure or process of an invention. Essentially, a claim is a definition of an invention. A claim ... Read More »

When were chapters added to the new testament?

Chapters have been added to and subtracted from the new testament throughout its history. The gospels of Matthew, John, Luke and Mark didn't become the definitive canon until 185 A.D. In 367 A.D., ... Read More »

When were belt loops first added to mens trousers?

Belt loops were not common before the 20th century. Most pants were worn with suspenders. In 1910 some suits, but not all, had belt loops. Levi Strauss began adding belt loops to its jeans in 192... Read More »

How many patents were granted to Thomas Edison?

Thomas Alva Edison received 1,368 patents for his inventions. He is credited for inventions such as the electrical vote recorder, electric pen, paraffin paper and the phonograph, as well as the mot... Read More »