When were chocolate chips invented?

Answer According to the Joy of Baking, the inspiration for chocolate chips came from Ruth Wakefield, who owned the Toll House Inn. In 1930, she chopped up Nestle chocolate bars and put the chunks in cooki... Read More »

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What company invented the chocolate chips used in Toll House cookies?

Nestle Company helped invent the chocolate chips used in Toll House cookies. In 1937, Ruth Graves Wakefield, developer of the recipe, approached Nestle, which began selling scored chocolate bars wi... Read More »

How to Make White Chocolate Brownies with Chocolate Chips?

The cocoa butter in white chocolate makes this brownie even richer, and the color looks great with chocolate chips. This recipe makes 3 dozen brownies.

How many chocolate chips does 5 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate equal?

Five oz. of semi-sweet chocolate equals 5 oz. of chocolate chips. When you substitute chocolate chips for solid chocolate, pay attention to the weight, not number of chips. One cup of chocolate chi... Read More »

How do I Convert Baker's Chocolate Squares to Chocolate Chips?

You can chop up Baker's chocolate squares and use these chocolate chunks in place of chocolate chips in recipes, but if you want that chocolate chip shape, it can be achieved with a little extra ti... Read More »