When were child labor laws put into effect?

Answer U.S. states and the federal government have passed a number of child labor laws since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when many children were forced to work in factories. In 1836, Massa... Read More »

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What year did the child labor law go into effect?

in 1836, the Federal Government took the initiative to regulate the amount of hours and the type of work that a child could do.

Child Labor Laws in Ontario?

Canada regulates the employment of minors at the provincial level more so than at the national level. In Ontario, the general policy is that kids may seek gainful employment at age 14 (see Referenc... Read More »

Delaware Child Labor Laws?

Throughout the United States, child labor is regulated at both the federal and the state levels. In Delaware, as in most states, children under 14 may not work. Children under 18 may work but only ... Read More »

Child Labor Laws for Canada?

Canada has a long history of protecting the rights of children, dating back to the nineteenth century Factory Acts. Nowadays, child labor in Canada is regulated by federal, provincial and territori... Read More »