When were chalkboards invented?

Answer The first chalkboard, or blackboard, was created and by James Pillans of Edinburgh, Scotland before 1801. He was the headmaster of Old High School and credited with first using the black slate boar... Read More »

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How to Use Chalkboards?

Chalkboards have been an important and iconic part of the education process for years. Chalkboards owe their popularity to their ability to visually organize data being presented. This allows educa... Read More »

Facts About Chalkboards?

Chalkboards have been used for teaching in classrooms since the early 1800s. Some interesting facts exist concerning some of their additional uses, what materials were used in their construction, w... Read More »

How to Write on Chalkboards?

Writing on the chalkboard can be a convenient way of presenting information to the classroom, but when done incorrectly it can also confuse and frustrate both you and your students. When writing on... Read More »

The Cons of Chalkboards?

Chalkboards were the standard piece of equipment in classrooms for much of the 20th century. Relatively inexpensive to construct, made of slate and used with chalk, they were durable and remained f... Read More »