When were cell batteries invented?

Answer Alessandro Volta invented the first cell battery in 1800. Volta created the first voltaic cell, also known as a battery, through his experiments between metals and fluids that were electrical condu... Read More »

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What Are Wet Cell Batteries?

Wet cell batteries are mostly used in vehicles such as boats, cars and motorcycles. They are made of lead plates suspended in an electrolyte solution. In wet cell batteries, the electrolyte solutio... Read More »

What Are Dry Cell Batteries?

Dry cell batteries, those common, convenient, easily obtainable, low-cost power sources that power numerous parts of our lives, are marvels in small packages. From their invention to modern day app... Read More »

The Advantages of Dry Cell Batteries?

Dry cell batteries, as opposed to the wet cell variety, feature pastes or other porous substances that trap electrolytes and restrict them from flowing freely. According to the U.S. Environmental P... Read More »

How to Test Wet Cell Batteries?

Wet cell batteries contain dissimilar metals that rest in an electrolyte. The acidic electrolyte causes the metals to dissolve and release electrons. The release of electrons allows the battery to ... Read More »