When were bread makers invented?

Answer The invention of the bread maker dates back to a man called Joseph Lee during the later part of the 1800's. In the year 1902, Lee's bread maker was patented. It was an automatic machine that worked... Read More »

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Who makes Panasonic bread makers?

The Panasonic Corp. manufactures Panasonic bread makers. These automatic bread makers allow for varied loaf sizes, selection of crust color and four varieties of baking modes. The bread makers can ... Read More »

When was Wonder Bread invented?

Wonder was first made in 1921, according to the Brand Channel Website. The Wonder website states the bread was made by the Taggert Baking Co., but sold to the the Continental Baking Co. in 1925.Sou... Read More »

Who invented white bread?

As bread has been around since before recorded history, there is not really any one person who is documented as the "inventor" of white bread. The first breads were made approximately 10000 years B... Read More »

Who invented potato bread?

A number of potato bread recipes and improvements upon recipes were published during the 18th century, but the Irish appear to have been the first to begin making potato bread, during James I's rei... Read More »