Which is betterFull-cup bras or Half-cup bras?

Answer A half cup bra that's over filled!!

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The Best Way to Whiten Bras?

Lingerie is an expensive essential. When a favorite white bra becomes dull and dingy, you want to revitalize your undergarment without damaging the structure or the fabric. The key to determining ... Read More »

About Push Up Bras?

Bras can be naughty or nice, functional or flimsy, saucy or sweet. Push up bras in particular veer toward the naughtier side of the argument, designed to thrust the breasts upward for an alluring d... Read More »

How are bras supposed to fit?

According to Bare Necessities, eight out of ten women are wearing the wrong size bra. As the body changes, the bra size can do the same. Therefore, it is important to get a fitted by a professional... Read More »

I'm 13 and i do not wear bras. help?

Training bras are usually in a size A because that's the smallest size & the size most women grow into when their boobs start to grow for the first time. You can try on bras at the store so do it! ... Read More »