When were bongo drums created?

Answer Bongos as they are known today were originally used and developed in Cuban music styles that began in the Oriente province in the late 1800s. The drums continued to evolve into the 1900s, and by th... Read More »

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What is the difference between bongo drums&congo drums?

Bongos and congas are hand-played, open-ended drums from Cuba, with roots in African percussion. They have been used in Cuban popular music since the late 1800s. Despite some similarities, they are... Read More »

How Are Bongo Drums Made?

Bongos are a set of two wooden drums with traditional skin heads that are attached by a wooden block. Although bongo-like drums are found all over the world, including the Middle East and India, th... Read More »

Who makes handzon bongo drums?

All HandZon bongo drums and accessories are manufactured by Cannon Percussion. Cannon manufactures the HandZon series of ethnic percussion instruments--as well as drum bags--under the HandZon brand... Read More »

Who sings the bongo drums song?

The song, "Played-a-live" uses bongo drums so extensively that it's known also as "The Bongo Song." It's a tune with an incredibly catchy beat, and great for fast-paced bellydance performances. The... Read More »