When were baseball helmets first used?

Answer The first crudely invented baseball helmets were invented in 1905 by Frank Mogridge, and looked like an inflated boxing glove. Hall of Famer Roger Bresnahan was the first to experiment with them. I... Read More »

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When were baseball rules first initiated?

Near the beginning of the 1800s, baseball came to America when it was a casual sport without standardized rules. Multiple clubs were formed with their own rules but in 1845 a set of rules (Knickerb... Read More »

When did baseball players begin wearing helmets?

In 1905, the patent for the first baseball helmet was awarded to Frank Mogridge. Roger Bresnahan announced that he would wear the helmet in 1907. Baseball helmets weren't widespread until the 1940s... Read More »

When were exponents first used?

While the Egyptian Ahmes Papyrus (2000-1800 B.C.) is the oldest known mathematical computation document that uses a type of math that could be translated into exponents; two Indian Beez Ganit vedas... Read More »

How old were you when you first used a computer?

About 35. I had always used typewriters up until then.