When were ammonite fossils discovered?

Answer There is no record of the first ammonite fossil discovery, but records do show ancient Greeks used ammonite shells as medicine. Early Romans encountered ammonite shells and thought they were horns,... Read More »

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When do the earliest discovered fossils date back to?

According to Virginia Tech's Research Magazine's Winter 2010 issue, the earliest discovered fossils date to about 600 million years ago. They are embryo microfossils discovered by Shuhai Xiao near ... Read More »

When were the Fiji Islands discovered& who discovered them?

The original inhabitants of the islands of Fiji came from Melanesia some 3,500 years ago. Dutch explorer Abel Janzsoon Tasman sighted the northeast islands of Fiji in 1643. British Captain James Co... Read More »

Who discovered ash fall fossils?

Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park, located in Antelope County in northeastern Nebraska, opened in 1991. It is named for a bed of volcanic ash created by a volcanic eruption that occurred an... Read More »

Who discovered the Ashfall fossils?

Mike Voorhies is credited with discovering the Ashfall Fossil Beds in 1971. There are the world's only known, intact, three-dimensional fossils of large dinosaurs and mammals from the Clarendonian... Read More »