When were airbags developed?

Answer According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Allen K. Breed invented the airbag in 1968, but did not start marketing it until 1987, when he founded Breed Automotive. His company, under t... Read More »

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When were airbags first used?

Airbags were first conceived as an automotive safety device in the early 1950s, with the first patent granted to John Hetrick in 1953 for a "safety cushion." However, airbags did not become a real... Read More »

When were auto airbags invented?

The first auto airbags were invented in 1952 by John W. Hetrick. Hetrick developed the idea for a safety device that would prevent the occupants in a vehicle from hitting the dashboard after being ... Read More »

When were airbags first used on vehicles?

The first patent for an airbag system was issued in 1953. However, it was not until 1973 that they were first added as standard equipment in a car. The 1973 Oldsmobile Tornado had a standard passen... Read More »

When were airbags first used in cars?

Airbags were first used in cars in 1973 when GM started putting airbags in the Oldsmobile Tornado. Airbags were invented in 1953 by John W. Hetrick. Ford and GM started to develop airbags in the la... Read More »