When were Waterford celebration toasting flutes made?

Answer Waterford Crystal made a limited-edition collection of wedding flutes known as Celebration. The first in the series, "Love," was manufactured in 2000. The Celebration series was manufactured for fi... Read More »

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Where is waterford crystal made?

Waterford Crystal is produced in factories in Germany and the Czech Republic, as of May 2010. And a new Waterford Crystal factory, called the House of Waterford Crystal, will open in June of 2010 i... Read More »

Are all Waterford wine glasses marked as Waterford?

Waterford Crystal has been producing crystal products in Ireland since its establishment in 1783. Each piece of Waterford crystal is watermarked with the word "Waterford" as a mark of authenticity,... Read More »

Instructions for Toasting Bread?

Eaten alone or as a sandwich, toast is a versatile comfort food that adds texture and flavor to otherwise boring bread. Topped with butter or jam, toast is an easy, tasty breakfast. Stuffed with ch... Read More »

Does toasting bread change its nutritional value?

Toasting bread does not change its nutritional value. When you toast a slice of bread, you are just removing moisture. However, the sugar and amino acids in burned toast form acrylamide, which may ... Read More »