When were Palm Pilots invented?

Answer The Palm Pilot was invented by Palm founder Jeff Hawkins in 1996. Hawkins collaborated with GeoWorks and U.S. Robotics to create the Pilot after Palm's first handheld computer attempt, the Zoomer, ... Read More »

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Pros & Cons of Palm Pilots & Other Handhelds?

Palm Pilots and other assorted hand-held devices have changed the way people interact with each other. People can check e-mail on their portable devices and type out a reply in minutes. They can st... Read More »

Were there enlisted men not officers who were pilots in the Army Air Corps in 1943?

Answer Yes, there were enlisted men flying aircraft in WWII. Look on under enlisted flyers, or flying chevrons.

When were cell phones invented&who were they made by?

Martin Cooper invented the cell phone in 1973, and Motorola was its maker. The phone was much bigger and heavier than today's models. Called the DynaTAC, the phone did not go one sale until 10 year... Read More »

Who were Air force pilots with mig kills in Vietnam?

Approximately 120 US airmen scored aerial victories over North Vietnamese airmen during the war. USN Cunningham & USAF Ritchie earned "Ace" status while flying the F-4 Phantom II's; our last "Ace's... Read More »