When were Digital flat screens used in hospitals?

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When were flat screens first sold in the U.S.?

The Sony FD Trinitron WEGA was the first flat-screen cathode ray tube (CRT) television. It made its debut in New York in 1988. Since then, consumers have purchased more than 40 million of this styl... Read More »

When were digital tuners first used in TV sets?

The first digital tuners appeared in TV sets in 1998, though they were very uncommon. By government mandate, all new TVs shipped in the U.S. after March 2007 are required to include a built-in digi... Read More »

How do I clean flat-screen TV screens?

PreparationTurn off the television, and wait until the screen no longer is warm.CleaningWipe the screen using a soft cloth. Special wipes designed to be used on LCD displays also can be used. Go fr... Read More »

Were coercion techniques used when you were considering relinquishment?

oh yes...first, i was called a "birthmother" from the moment i walked into the office with my parents.i was also told that:"you're her (pamom) last chance to be a parent""you can have other childre... Read More »