When were Breathalyzers developed?

Answer The first Breathalyzer was invented in 1954. A professor at Indiana University named Robert F. Borkenstein invented the Breathalyzer. It was the first portable and practical instrument developed to... Read More »

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Breathalyzers & the Law?

A breathalyzer is an instrument that uses the breath to measure the alcohol content of your blood. A police officer uses a hand-held breathalyzer when he stops a suspected drunk driver. If the test... Read More »

How accurate are Breathalyzers?

A Breathalyzer is not 100 percent accurate; there can be as much as a 15 percent variance in readings. Field Breathalyzer tests do not take into consideration metabolic rates, the height and weight... Read More »

How reliable are breathalyzers?

On One Hand: Breathalyzers Have FlawsResearch has shown that breathalyzer results exceeded actual blood alcohol content in 23 percent of individuals tested. As a result, many individuals may have ... Read More »

Who developed NPI?

Todd Wolff founded NPI in 2002. NPI helps businesses manage their transportation and technology expenditures. According to the company website, NPI's clients include retailers, manufacturers, educa... Read More »