When were Apple computers first offered for sale?

Answer The first Apple computer--called the Apple I--was released in 1976. It featured a hand-built wooden case and sold for $666.66. Steve Wozniak is the engineer who designed the Apple I and its follow-... Read More »

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I was just offered an etch-a-sketch for sale & was told it was the first lap top computer, should I buy it?

Well since the boy seems so honest, I say give him a chance. Make sure it boots up first.

Why does file fragmentation not occur on Apple Macintosh computers like with Windows computers?

Disk optimization is a process in which the physical locations of files on a volume are "streamlined." Files and metadata are re-arranged in order to improve data access times and minimize time mov... Read More »

How to Type an Apple Sign With Apple Computers?

Here is a simple, three-step written tutorial on how to type the famous apple logo by mac on your mac computer.

What are good XP computers for sale?

If it must be XP, something like this....XP professional is best and will be support with updates longer.…But if you go Win7, you can find dual proccessor... Read More »