When were Apple Mac computers developed?

Answer Apple Macintosh Computers were developed in 1976 in California by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The first Apple Mac computers were called Apple I, and they began to be sold in April 1976.Source:ap... Read More »

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When were Apple computers first offered for sale?

The first Apple computer--called the Apple I--was released in 1976. It featured a hand-built wooden case and sold for $666.66. Steve Wozniak is the engineer who designed the Apple I and its follow-... Read More »

When were airbags developed?

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Allen K. Breed invented the airbag in 1968, but did not start marketing it until 1987, when he founded Breed Automotive. His company, under t... Read More »

When were oil paints developed?

According to the "Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art: 2010," no one knows exactly when oil paints were first invented. The first-known example of oil painting in Europe was in the 11th century. Ho... Read More »

When were the BMI charts developed?

Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quételet of Ghent, Belgium, strove to define the average man. In his quest, he is credited with defining the Body Mass Index (BMI) in 1835. The World Health Organization cl... Read More »