When were 100Hz LCD TV's released?

Answer 100Hz (or 120Hz in North America) is a technique of doubling the frame rate of the incoming signal. It pre-dates LCD televisions by a number of years and was a feature of CRT televisions from the e... Read More »

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When were Air Jordans released?

Nike released the first pair of Air Jordans in 1984. The sneakers were first worn by basketball star Michael Jordan, for whom they were named, on the court. The NBA then banned the black-and-red sh... Read More »

When were the first earphones released?

They were receiving instructions and timings. Also, because sound travels much slower than light, each performer would have had the music directly in their earphones to ensure they all stayed in time.

When were the first soccer cleats released?

The first known soccer cleats in history were owned by one of England's most infamous kings, Henry VIII. He first ordered a pair for use back in 1526, along with 37 pairs of velvet shoes.Source:Soc... Read More »

What are your top 10 movies that were released before you were born?

Sept. 1995 1. Leon2. Aliens3. Pulp Fiction4. Midnight Run5. Strictly Ballroom6. Reservoir Dogs7. The Usual Suspects (if it came out before Sep.)8. Raging Bull9. Citizen Kane10. Edward ScissorhandsB... Read More »