When was yosemite valley in california discovered?

Answer The explorer Joseph R. Walker is believed to be the first person of European descent to view the Yosemite Valley in 1833. However, native Americans of the Miwok tribe lived in the valley for thousa... Read More »

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When was the Yosemite Valley in California discovered?

Yosemite Valley was inhabited by the Miwok people for thousands of years prior to the arrival of Europeans to the area. The iconic Yosemite Valley was first discovered by Euro-Americans in 1833 whe... Read More »

Where is yosemite valley?

Yosemite Valley is located in the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, around 150 miles east of San Francisco. This glacial valley is about 8 miles long, less than a mile wid... Read More »

Is Yosemite Valley a scarp formation?

Yosemite Valley is not a scarp formation; the valley was carved by glaciers. When John Muir first proposed this idea, he sparked a dispute that lasted over 60 years. The argument ended in 1930, whe... Read More »

How to Plan a Trip to Yosemite Valley?

Yosemite Valley is the crown jewel of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It's located inside Yosemite National Park, about 150 miles (240 km) due east of San Francisco. If you want to plan a trip to this... Read More »