How come when i run my finger over the mousepad the cursor moves, but when i run a pencil over it, it doesn't?

Answer It must be your magnetic personality!! Good question - sorry couldn't give a better answer!

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Til when will Asianfanfics be like that, crashing over and over again?

It's pretty frustrating. :/I guess the only time when it'll be completely 'calm' is probably a few months from now, since Jason (the creater of AFF) updated quite a few things, so I guess some of i... Read More »

When you were a kid did you have a movie that you watched over and over again?

SeveralPeggy Sue got married; Dirty Dancing; The Dark Crystal were some of them

Why do we spend ages looking for the remote when you can just walk over and turn the tv over yourself?

The only control on the front of my TV is the mains on/off switch. Why do you think so many other remote controllers (Video, DVD, Sky etc) allow you to use them to control your TV as well as the on... Read More »

Why does an iPhone 4 shut off and restart over and over when connected via Bluetooth to an iHome iA100?

Do you mean the ad where they show iTunes and they choose The Doors album by The Doors to download? (cool). The voice is either Hugh Grant or a Hugh Grant impersonator.