When was wireless internet invented?

Answer WiFi technology was invented by scientists at Lucent and AT&T in 1991 in the Netherlands. The technology was originally intended for cash registers. The seed for the invention was planted back in 1... Read More »

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When did the wireless internet start?

Wireless Internet services first became available in 1996. A company named CAI Wireless system developed wireless Internet technologies that could used by telephone companies. By July 1996, AT&T an... Read More »

When were wireless headphones invented?

When was the wireless computer mouse invented?

According to "Macworld," Logitech invents and releases the world's first wireless mouse in 1991. The Cordless MouseMan uses radio frequency (RF) transmission, which doesn't need to be within a base... Read More »

How to Check My Wireless Internet Service When It Is Slow?

Wireless Internet service is a convenient way to browse the Internet from every area of your home. Sometimes problems occur that make the connection slow. When this happens, run a connection test t... Read More »