When was water first bottled in America?

Answer Bottled water in America predates the country's independence. Boston's Jackson Spa is known as the first location that water was bottled and sold. This water was bottled from wells as "mineral" wat... Read More »

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When did Americans first start drinking bottled water?

Elizabeth Royte, author of "Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It," says the trend of Americans drinking bottled water can be traced to the innovation and mass production of ligh... Read More »

What is the point of bottled water when tap water is drinkable?

I don't know about the U.K. but here in the States most of the more reasonably priced waters are from 'municipal' sources, meaning duh, tap water. It might be tap water from another city but it's ... Read More »

What created the first need for bottled water?

It may involve the issue of people getting diseases from drinking water from creeks and lakes, but you know, I don't know everything.

Why do i get bad breath when i drink bottled water?

If it is a plastic bottle, try drinking from a glass bottle or another type of bottle to see if it helps resolve your problem. If not, then something else is causing it.