When was wallboard invented?

Answer Wallboard was invented in 1894 by Augustine Sackett, an American inventor. Sackett's version of wallboard was gypsum pressed between six sheets of felt paper. Wallboard did not become popular in co... Read More »

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How to Put Up Wallboard on the Ceiling?

Installing wallboard (also called drywall) on a ceiling is similar to installing it on a wall. Generally, you attach the board to ceiling joist with drywall screws, tape the seams between the board... Read More »

How to Install Wallboard in a Shower?

No matter how you plan to finish your shower walls, the wallboard you use to cover the framing must be water resistant. Even tiles can leak, and moisture seeping through the wallboard into the wood... Read More »

Can I paint vinyl wallboard?

You can paint a vinyl wallboard as long as you abrade the slick surface to enhance adhesion before you paint. Scuff the wallboard with 220-grit sandpaper. Apply a latex primer before you paint.More... Read More »

How do I paint a bathroom wallboard?

PreparationRemove as many fixtures from the walls, such as shelves and towel racks, as you can, and protect the ones that remain with masking tape. Then wash the walls with a bleach-and-water solut... Read More »