When was wallboard invented?

Answer Wallboard was invented in 1894 by Augustine Sackett, an American inventor. Sackett's version of wallboard was gypsum pressed between six sheets of felt paper. Wallboard did not become popular in co... Read More »

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Where is wallboard made?

Wallboard, also known as drywall, is made in several different countries, including the United States and China. Recently, Chinese-made drywall in some Florida homes has emitted smelly gases. Some ... Read More »

How to Put Up Wallboard on the Ceiling?

Installing wallboard (also called drywall) on a ceiling is similar to installing it on a wall. Generally, you attach the board to ceiling joist with drywall screws, tape the seams between the board... Read More »

What Is Gypsum Wallboard?

Gypsum wallboard is the most commonly used material to cover walls in interior projects. It has evolved into a versatile, dependable material that is quick to install and easy to repair. Made from ... Read More »

How to Fix Crumbling Wallboard Above the Shower?

Wallboard or drywall above the shower crumbles due to excessive exposure to moisture. The crumbling area and a small amount of drywall around it will have to be replaced to fix it. Use cement backe... Read More »