When was vintage molinard jasmine perfume made?

Answer The Molinard company was founded in 1849. The French company introduced a jasmine scented perfume named Jasmin in 1860. If you have a bottle of vintage Jasmin perfume, contact Molinard directly to ... Read More »

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How to Make Jasmine Perfume?

Perfume is a common product used by people today, but many of its ingredients are contrary to an organic lifestyle. The alcohols and preservatives--not to mention animal products--are not always t... Read More »

Night Blooming Jasmine Perfume?

As a perfume and garden flower, the deep fruity fragrance of the night blooming jasmine is one of the most quickly recognized scents in the world. Originating in India, the jasmine flower spread th... Read More »

How to Make Jasmine, Neroli and Vanilla Perfume?

Jasmine, neroli and vanilla perfume is a soft, typically feminine scent made from natural ingredients that are easy to find in any health food store or online. Homemade perfumes offer many benefits... Read More »

Who made American vintage glass?

Several manufacturers made vintage American glass, also known as early American pattern glass, according to the website Collectors Weekly. Some well-known manufacturers included the McKee Company a... Read More »