When was the word photography first used?

Answer The wordphotography was first used in 1839, by Sir John Herschel when the process of photography became known. It is from the Greek words for light and writing.

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Where does the word photography comes?

Photography is the art of painting with light, and so the word is exactly what it says on the tin, From the Greek - Photo- Light and -graphy - Drawing/painting. The word camera comes from the Lati... Read More »

What is the meaning of the word 'photography'?

The literal meaning is "Writing (graphy) with light (photo)". "Only the print contains the artist's meaning and message." Examples_-_The_Making_of_40_Photographs,_1983">Ansel Adams, Introduction ... Read More »

Where did the word photography originate from?

Photography is a method for producing lasting images by means of a chemical reaction that occurs when light hits a specially prepared surface. It was invented during the first decades of the 19th c... Read More »

How many syllables in word photography?