When was the word"bard"first used?

Answer Bards were storytellers and musicians in the Irish and English tradition. The term was first used in the mid-15th century by the Celts to denote a wandering minstrel and troublemaker. Eventually, b... Read More »

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When was the word photography first used?

The wordphotography was first used in 1839, by Sir John Herschel when the process of photography became known. It is from the Greek words for light and writing.

When was the first word processing program used&by whom?

In 1964, IBM produced the first magnetic tape Selectric typewriter, which featured a magnetic tape drive. What was typed could be saved on the magnetic tape and then recalled, altered, and retyped ... Read More »

When does a baby say his first word?

the average infant says his/her first word at 6 to 8 monthsanytime

When was the gavel first used?

Although it is difficult to be exact about it, the gavel was first used in Medieval times. It was used to bring order to to the unruly tenants of rent collection proceedings.Source:Public Informati... Read More »