Who invented the three wheel car?

Answer Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, an engineer in the French Army, is recognized as the inventor of the first three-wheeled vehicle, which was both self-propelled and able to transport a person. Cugnot built h... Read More »

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Who invented the Wagon Wheel?

British baker George Weston created the Wagon Wheel, a chocolate-coated cookie and marshmallow sandwich, in 1948. Weston was the founder of Associated British Foods. Wagon Wheels are similar to the... Read More »

Who invented the bicycle wheel?

Baron von Drais invented the bicycle wheel in 1817. He attached two wheels of the same size to a frame, which allowed the person to straddle the contraption and steer with the front wheels with han... Read More »

Who invented wheel chairs?

The very first wheelchair was invented by Phillip II of Spain, four centuries ago. The first folding steel wheelchair was invented by Harry Jennings in 1933. However, it was built by Harry's friend... Read More »

Who invented the first color wheel?

The first color wheel was invented by Sir Isaac Newton. In 1660, Newton discovered that if he used a prism, he could separate white light into several other colors. This discovery led to the invent... Read More »