When was the wagon invented?

Answer The wagon was invented in 1749 in Pennsylvania to transport goods over long distances. Many pioneers built wagons so that they could move their families out west.Source:Pennsylvania

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When was the red Radio Flyer wagon invented?

The Radio Flyer wagon was invented by Italian immigrant Antonio Pasin in 1927. The red Radio Flyer was the first steel wagon produced by the Liberty Coaster Co. and was named in honor of the Italia... Read More »

Who invented the Wagon Wheel?

British baker George Weston created the Wagon Wheel, a chocolate-coated cookie and marshmallow sandwich, in 1948. Weston was the founder of Associated British Foods. Wagon Wheels are similar to the... Read More »

Who invented the bullet train and when was it invented?

Japan's "Bullet Train" was developed by Dr. Hideo Shima (1901 - 1998). Dr. Shima began investigations in 1948 and in 1958 it was decided to go ahead with a new line which followed the Tokaido road... Read More »

When was the first earbuds invented and who invented it?

I know this sounds weird but where the speaker is suck on it and try using it again