When was the trix rabbit born?

Answer The Trix Rabbit made his first appearance on a box of Trix cereal in 1959. Back then, the Trix Rabbit was a floppy hand puppet who introduced several General Mills-sponsored television shows, befor... Read More »

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Why can't the Silly Rabbit get any Trix?

Silly Truth-teller, Trix are for kids! I kid. Because if the rabbit got his Trix then the whole catchphrase "Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids" which most likely was vital in Trix's popularity, would... Read More »

Why won't thoes greedy kids give that rabbit some damn Trix?

The rabbit is a socialist who thinks everyone has a right to the Trix. The kids are capitalists who worked hard for their Trix and shouldn't be expected to support the lazy rabbit that is obviousl... Read More »

Does the trix bunny have a name?

The Trix Rabbit has always simply been called the "Trix Rabbit" since he was created in 1959. The Trix Rabbit has appeared on Trix boxes since 1960, except for a brief time in 2003 when he was remo... Read More »

Differences Between a Jack Rabbit & a Domestic Rabbit?

There is a world of difference between a jack rabbit and a domestic rabbit. The species are related, but the animals' behavior, color and some characteristics are quite different. Jack rabbits are ... Read More »