I hate summer but love winter ! how can i make summer feel like winter?

Answer Get the best air conditioners you can get. Play Christmas Music. Let me know if you want me to ship Aunt Ethyl's Fruit Cake from last year.Lay out big sheets of sparkly cotton fake snow, cover fl... Read More »

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How to Enjoy Summer Break when You Hate the Summer?

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What fruits do you love to eat in the summer time?

Mango,orange,banana,watermelon and juice of sugarcane.I like to share these fruits with my friend. I give some of them to my friend and in turn take some sweet fruits.

BB Love-gate: When do SREE fall in love with NOREEN....?

shes going to lead him on without any of the others realising, and then shes going to act the victim - that girls got one almighty huge game plan - BEWARE!!!