How to Make the Spanish Civil War Interesting?

Answer Teaching the Spanish Civil War to students who don't care about history is a challenge. The war lasted only three years, from 1936 to 1939. However, events that led up to the war date back to 1923,... Read More »

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Can a Marine who has a civil court date receive non judicial punishment from the Marine Corps prior to appearing in civil court?

Yes. Action under the UCMJ is separate from action in a civilian court.

What happens in civil court?

Civil court cases pertain to one party, known as the plaintiff, suing the other party, known as the defendant, for damages. The outcome of a civil court case enforces a right, awards damages or pro... Read More »

What is civil court?

Knowing which court to file a case with is essential for attaining legal justice. A court cannot hear a case if it does not have the proper jurisdiction. In general, most non-criminal cases are han... Read More »

What does civil disobedience mean?

Civil disobedience is the intentional, non-violent, public display of law breaking to protest against the injustice or unfairness of a law or occurrence. The purpose is to sway public opinion of t... Read More »