How to Make the Spanish Civil War Interesting?

Answer Teaching the Spanish Civil War to students who don't care about history is a challenge. The war lasted only three years, from 1936 to 1939. However, events that led up to the war date back to 1923,... Read More »

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When would I need a civil law attorney?

On One Hand: Civil LawyersCivil law is any branch of law that is not criminal law. Civil law covers many fields. A few examples would be corporate law, business law, property law, family law and pe... Read More »

When can people have a civil ceremony?

After fulfilling the state's legal requirements, which usually involve two people showing proof of residency and legal age, a court official (i.e., judge) regulates a civil marriage ceremony. This ... Read More »

When did the use of Civil War tokens become illegal?

Civil War tokens became illegal as currency in the United States in 1864 by an act of Congress, according to the Civil War Token Society. Today, the coins are hard to find and a collectible item.So... Read More »

When was the Civil Service Commission created?

According to the National Archives, the U.S. Civil Service Commission was created as an independent body on January 16, 1883. The Office of Personnel Management and Federal Labor Relations Authori... Read More »