When was the soda fountain invented?

Answer Soda fountains have been around since the early nineteenth century; the first soda fountain was patented by Samuel Fahnestock in 1819, only 10 years after the first patent for the manufacture of so... Read More »

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Why was the soda fountain invented?

In the early 19th century, Americans were eager to drink mineral water because they believed it provided many health benefits. In order to bring mineral water to the masses, the first soda fountain... Read More »

What year was the soda fountain invented?

The patent for the first soda fountain was granted to Samuel Fahnestock in 1819. It was more like a beer keg and produced flavored mineral water sodas. The first soda fountain that used carbonation... Read More »

Why does fountain soda taste better than canned or bottled soda?

What you are stating as fact, is actually only your own opinion.Fountain drinks can be worse if the machines are not kept calibrated.I like an ice cold pop poured over ice just as much, or even str... Read More »

How to Use a Soda Fountain?

A soda fountain can be found in almost every fast food establishment, or in most fast food type eatery. Before using it however, make sure you pay for your glass of pop. Even if it stands out in ar... Read More »