Magna Carta Primary Resources?

Answer The Magna Carta was authorized in 1215 by King John of England in order to appease a rebellious group of barons who were unhappy with his reign. Multiple copies of the document were handwritten in... Read More »

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What is the cost of signing of a father signing over his rights?

When you enlist in the army when do you get your signing bonus?

When you complete all training requirements YOU choose within you contract, report and in process to your first duty assignment you will then receive your signing bonus. At that time if you will on... Read More »

When do you get signing bonus for the air force?

In most cases the signing bonus is given to you 30 days after you arrive at your first duty base or 30 days after indoc training for special forces.

When do you get your signing bonus for the marines?

You need to stay on your recruiters back and respectfully ask when you should get it. You usually get half upon completion of basic and the other half later. Check with your units admin office.