When was the short basketball clock invented?

Answer The NBA instituted the 24-second shot clock after the 1953-1954 season to stop teams from holding the ball as soon as they gained the lead. The shot clock was invented by Danny Biasone, then-owner ... Read More »

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When does the shot clock start in basketball?

According to the South Dakota High School Activities Association, a shot clock begins "when a player inbounds, legally touches or is touched by the ball on a throw-in, or when a team initially gain... Read More »

When does the clock start for an incoming basketball pass?

In basketball, the game and shot clocks start when an incoming pass is legally touched by any player on the court. Incoming passes usually occur following free throws, fouls, violations or out of b... Read More »

When was the water clock invented?

The water clock was invented in Egypt around 1700 B.C., according to the website Archytech. Water clocks are composed of two containers of water, one higher than the other. Water clocks were extrem... Read More »

When was the ancient Chinese water clock invented?

Simple, bucketlike water clocks were developed in ancient China during the Han Dynasty--206 B.C. to 220 A.D. Water dripped at regular intervals from a small hole near the bottom of the apparatus. I... Read More »