Do you suffocate when your heart stops beating?

Answer The heart pumps blood to the lungs to obtain oxygen , then it pick up oxygenated blood and it return it back to the right atrium . The heart has to pump in order for Oxygen to be pumped to the ce... Read More »

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Why did my heart start beating fast when I went to lay down?

Are you a woman or a man and how old are you ?

An amazing feeling is listening to someone's heart beat when it is beating for you ♥♥♥?

Agree.Stop copying other's questions. It comes under violation. XDEdit- Why is this question under heart diseases category? LOL!

Whats it called when your heart starts beating fast?

one type of a fast beating heart is Tachycardia. refers to a heart rate that exceeds the normal range for a resting heartrate. When the heart beats rapidly, the heart pumps less efficiently and pro... Read More »

Why does it feel like my heart stops beating when I fall asleep?

It sounds more like stress than anything else. Sleep Apnea is a possibility but if you sleep on your side it is unlikely to occur. You are just conscious of your heartbeat which normally not felt s... Read More »