When was the first nightclub opened in the UK?

Answer You just work and you know just make drinks and right now i have 982 456 799 dollers

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When was the first Marriott hotel opened?

Marriott International's first hotel opened in 1957, under the name The Twin Bridges Motor Hotel. Containing 365 rooms, it was located in Arlington, Virginia. Prior to the first Marriott Hotel, J. ... Read More »

When was Sears& Robuck first opened?

Richard Sears started the R.W. Sears Watch Co. in 1886, which in 1893 would become Sears, Roebuck & Co. Sears advertised the sale of watches and jewelry in 1888 in a printed mailer that would be kn... Read More »

When was the first funeral home opened?

The first funeral business in America was the Bucktrout Funeral Home in Williamsburg, Virginia, which opened in 1759 as a coffin maker. It continues in operation today. Over the years, Bucktrout an... Read More »

When was the first NoFrills franchise opened?

NoFrills is a discount grocery store operation located in Canada. NoFrills began in 1987. Franchisees begin by paying a fee to acquire a NoFrills franchising license. They also pay a percentage of ... Read More »