When was the red Radio Flyer wagon invented?

Answer The Radio Flyer wagon was invented by Italian immigrant Antonio Pasin in 1927. The red Radio Flyer was the first steel wagon produced by the Liberty Coaster Co. and was named in honor of the Italia... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between the Radio Flyer Ulitmate Family Wagon & the Radio Flyer Pathfinder?

The Radio Flyer company began in 1917, and has since been creating wagons and other riding toys for children. Two of the popular models in 2010 are the Ultimate Family Wagon and the Pathfinder Wago... Read More »

What is the origin of the radio flyer name?

Antonio Pasin, a woodworker and children's wagon maker, named his 1927 wagon "Radio Flyer" because of his interest in the up-and-coming radio industry. In 1930, he changed the Chicago-based company... Read More »

Where are Radio Flyer wagons made?

As of March 2010, Radio Flyer wagons are made and assembled in Shanghai, China, according to Radio Flyer's customer service department. Radio Flyer Inc. and its customer service department are hea... Read More »

What year did Radio Flyer make the first wagons?

Antonio Pasin, the founder of Radio Flyer wagons, began making wooden wagons in 1917. According to Red Wagons Online, the company that produces Radio Flyer wagons operated under the name Radio Stee... Read More »