When was the rake invented?

Answer 1936

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Who invented the garden rake?

Chester Greenwood invented the modern steel garden rake, according to the Maine Office of the Secretary of State. Greenwood was an American inventor, born in Farmington, Maine in 1858, and is best ... Read More »

Who invented the leaf rake?

Chester Greenwood from Farmington, Maine, is credited with invented the spring steel leaf rake with his patent in 1936. Greenwood, who also invented other products, is best known for inventing earm... Read More »

Who invented the yard rake?

Chester Greenwood was from Farmington, Maine, and lived from 1858 to 1937. He is credited as the inventor of the metal garden rake. According to the website, he was a man who saw a job th... Read More »

When to Roto Rake a Lawn?

Roto-raking a lawn, or more commonly called power-raking, is employing the use of a vertical mower designed to remove thatch in a lawn. This chore should be done when thatch layers are 1/2 inch in ... Read More »