When was the rainstick invented?

Answer The origin of rainsticks is unknown, but various theories suggest that Aztecs, Chilean tribes or African slaves in Peru were the inventors. Rainsticks became popular in Mexican music in the 1960s.S... Read More »

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When was the rainstick made?

The most likely origin of the rainstick instrument is that it grew out of tubular rattles, or stick rattles. Archaeology has found examples of these stick rattles that date back to the Incan period... Read More »

How to Make a Rainstick?

Rainsticks are cylindrical instruments that mimic the sound of rain when shaken. It is believed that rainsticks originated from South America, and were invented to help encourage rainy weather duri... Read More »

Rainstick Art Lessons?

A rain stick is a musical instrument originating from South America. Uncooked beans or rice are put into a long hollow tube sealed at both ends. Small nails or spikes are driven into the tube along... Read More »

Rainstick Information?

A rainstick is a musical instrument that creates a sound similar to falling rain. The instrument is traditionally made from a hollow and dried cactus. The cactus is dried and the needles are presse... Read More »