When was the psychrometer invented?

Answer The psychrometer, named in 1825 by German physicist Ernst Ferdinand August, resulted from expanding on Sr. John Leslie's 1795 differential thermometer experiments. Hygrometric instruments measure h... Read More »

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Who first invented the psychrometer?

The psychrometer, a type of hygrometer device used to measure atmospheric humidity, was invented in the late 1700s by James Hutton. However, the term psychrometer was not coined until 1818 by Germa... Read More »

Who invented the first psychrometer?

The term "psychrometer" was invented by a German named Ernst Ferdinand August, circa 1818, but it was Sir John Leslie, in the following few years, who created the prototype that would first come in... Read More »

Who invented the psychrometer?

German meteorologist Richard Assmann invented the psychrometer, an instrument that calculates humidity by comparing the readings on two thermometers. Assmann's invention was a variation of the hygr... Read More »

When was the sling psychrometer invented?

The sling psychrometer was invented by Adolph Richard Assmann in 1887. A sling psychrometer is used to calculate the humidity in the air by measuring the evaporation rate and the temperature of a w... Read More »