When was the IBM personal computer invented?

Answer John Lentz invented the first personal computer, the IBM 610 Auto-Point Computer, between 1948 and 1954 in the Watson Lab at Columbia University. The IBM 610 was the first computer intended for use... Read More »

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How to Build Your Own Home Theater Personal Computer With an Older Computer?

This guide has the purpose of helping you to reuse an old computer transforming it into a new living room or bedroom’s media center or HTPCUbuntu Linux and XBOX Media Center, both with GPL /GNL l... Read More »

Who invented the personal laptop?

The Osborne Computer Corporation produced the first portable computer . The Osborne 1 was released in 1981, operated on both AC and battery power, and cost $1,795. The first laptop, as they are now... Read More »

When were personal computers invented?

Shippensburg University says that the first desktop computer came out in 1975. The Altair 8800 was built by Micro Instrumentation Telemetry Systems (MITS) and cost $395 as a kit or $495 assembled. ... Read More »

Who invented the personal digital assistant?

The earliest form of the modern PDA was invented by Apple in August 1993. Named the "Newton MessagePad," this hand-held organizer featured a touch-sensitive LCD screen, a 20 MHz processor and fax ... Read More »