When was the new goalie mask invented for hockey?

Answer Today's goalie masks were created in the early 1970s by Dave Dryden. Dave was the older brother of legendary Montreal Canadiens goaltender Ken Dryden. The elder Dryden cut out the middle of a fiber... Read More »

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Who invented the first hockey goalie mask?

Bill Burchmore, a sales and promotional manager with a Canadian fiberglass company, invented and designed the first hockey goalie mask. The mask was first worn by Jacques Plante of the Montreal Can... Read More »

Who invented hockey goalie pads?

The first hockey goalie pads were cricket pads worn during the 1890s. George Merritt of the Winnipeg Victorias popularized the pads by wearing them in the Stanley Cup playoffs in 1896. Actual goali... Read More »

Who invented the goalie mask?

Professional Canadian ice hockey goaltender Jacques Plante created, designed and began wearing a fiberglass goalie mask during professional practices because of a previous head injury. His coach, ... Read More »

What is an ice hockey goalie?

In ice hockey, the goalies are heavily padded players whose main job is to protect their team’s goal. This is done by stopping the opposing team’s puck from getting through into their team’s ... Read More »