When was the nearest pulsar discovered?

Answer Fast spinning neutron stars, which give off beams of light, are called pulsars. As the neutron star rotates, the light from the star appears to blink on and off. In 1994, T. M. Tauris discovered PS... Read More »

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Who discovered the first pulsar?

The first pulsar was accidentally discovered in 1967 by Jocelyn Bell, a student radio astronomer at Cambridge University, and her thesis adviser, Tony Hewish. They had no idea at first what they ha... Read More »

What is a pulsar and how many have been found?

A pulsar is a type of neutron star. The largest of stars in the universe end their "stellar evolution" with a supernova event, followed by an implosion under gravitational duress, to become neutron... Read More »

Where is a pulsar made?

Pulsars are astronomical entities that emit radio waves of different frequencies. Scientists in 2010 believe that they are a result of the supernova explosions of large stars in deep space that hav... Read More »

Pulsar Movement?

Pulars are a specialized kind of neutron star. At the end of 2010, about 1800 pulsars had been detected. A pulsar is similar to a black hole, occurring only at the end of a star's life.