When was the nearest pulsar discovered?

Answer Fast spinning neutron stars, which give off beams of light, are called pulsars. As the neutron star rotates, the light from the star appears to blink on and off. In 1994, T. M. Tauris discovered PS... Read More »

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Who discovered the first pulsar?

The first pulsar was accidentally discovered in 1967 by Jocelyn Bell, a student radio astronomer at Cambridge University, and her thesis adviser, Tony Hewish. They had no idea at first what they ha... Read More »

When were the Fiji Islands discovered& who discovered them?

The original inhabitants of the islands of Fiji came from Melanesia some 3,500 years ago. Dutch explorer Abel Janzsoon Tasman sighted the northeast islands of Fiji in 1643. British Captain James Co... Read More »

I bought a Bajaj pulsar 150. when is the best time to sell it?

just contact as many people you get and sell it to the person who is read to pay the highest.Just make sure your bike is in a clean condition(get it serviced) at the time of sale.

When was RDX discovered?

RDX, which is commonly found in explosives, was discovered in the late 1890s. It was first considered for use as a medicine until the 1920s when it was found to be explosive.Source:University of No... Read More »