When was the movie"Open Range"made?

Answer The movie Open Range, starring Kevin Costner, was released in 2003 by Touchstone Pictures. It was filmed in various locations throughout Alberta, Canada including Calgary, Longview, Morley and Ston... Read More »

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When was the movie"Annie"first made?

According to the Internet Movie Database, the movie adaptation of "Annie" was first released on June 18, 1982. Director John Huston adapted the Broadway musical to the big screen; the musical itse... Read More »

How old was Angelina Jolie when she made her first movie?

Actress Angelina Jolie was just 6 years old when she appeared in her first movie, "Lookin' to Get Out." The 1982 film featured Jolie alongside her famous father, Jon A... Read More »

What Disney Movie scene shocked/surprised/ made you sad when you first saw it?

the scene in Pinocchio when all of the boys are at Pleasure Island they are drinking, and smoking and before you know it they turn into (little jackass) donkeys and are sold awaythat scared me also... Read More »

Which stephen king story has worked the best when made into a movie or mini series?

I hated the book "Misery" but loved the movie. Your choice is excellent tho. The book scared the crap out of me and the movie did turn out pretty decent. I thought the mini series of "The Stand" wa... Read More »