When was the motor grader invented?

Answer Although there were wooden horse-drawn graders for years before the motor grader, the actual motor grader was invented in 1903 by entrepreneurs. The grader is now typically pulled behind a tractor.... Read More »

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What is a motor grader?

A motor grader is a construction machine meant to refine the rough work that is done by other machines, such as bulldozers and scrapers. It is equipped with a long blade used to create flat surface... Read More »

Motor Grader Tips?

The longevity and continual functionality of your motor grader depends on whether you choose the correct grader for the given tasks you want to accomplish, and how well you take care of them. As th... Read More »

How to Improve Motor Skills for a Third Grader?

While third-grade students are significantly more graceful then their younger counterparts, children of this age can still benefit from the practicing of motor skills. By engaging third-grade child... Read More »

Who invented the road grader?

J.D. Adams invented the first road grader in 1885; it predated motors and had to be pulled by animals such as horses or oxen. The Russell Grader Manufacturing Company developed the first motorized ... Read More »