When was the most recent launch of the space shuttle?

Answer Answer: The most recent launch was yesterday, Monday, April 5th, 2010. The orbiter Discovery blasted off at 6:20am as STS-131.

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When was the most recent thunderstorms in Portsmouth Virginia?

The U.S. Coast Guard Tartan, though normally worn by pipe band members claiming affiliation with the U.S. Coast Guard, may be worn with the CG Dinner Dress uniforms, CG Service Dress Blue uniform, ... Read More »

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When will abc family put up the most recent pretty little liars episode?

Each new episode is posted on or the following day. So every Wed you can catch the weekly episode. ABCfamily has all the episodes on the website while hulu doesn't keep video... Read More »

What did it mean in the most recent episode of psych when gus put his arms up and said science?

Perhaps it was discontinued because of bad ratings when the producers originally intended to continue the story in a second season that never got made.