When was the modern bathtub invented?

Answer The practice of bathing in containers has been around for many thousands of years. The modern bathtub coincided with the introduction of modern indoor plumbing. In the developed world, this happene... Read More »

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When was the first modern computer invented?

The first modern computer was built by University of Pennsylvania engineers and scientists in 1944. It was known as the Electronic Numerator, Integrator, Analyzer and Computer or ENIAC. The ENIAC w... Read More »

Who invented the shower bathtub?

The bathtub first appeared as part of a washing ritual with the ancient Greeks. Vase paintings from the era also depict them using some form of shower as well. Later, the Romans adopted the idea an... Read More »

Who invented the modern helicopter?

Paul Cornu, a French bicycle maker, built the first successful helicopter in 1907. Though there had been previous attempts, Cornu's was the first helicopter to achieve flight while carrying a passe... Read More »

Who invented the modern-day handcuffs?

W.V. Adams invented the first modern handcuffs in 1862. They were the first handcuffs that were adjustable. Before the Adams handcuffs, handcuffs were all fixed size and were too tight on those wit... Read More »